Advanced Manufacturing
 The Spirit of Craftsman

Ronrun thinks, with advanced modern manufacturing technology and devices, the respect to clients and the pursuit for the spirit of craftsman are decisive elements of the quality and the connotation of products. In Ronrun, what we have is not only all the modern manufacture devices from Germany, but also over one hundred 10-year-experienced senior technicians with the spirit of craftsman. In their eyes, every showcase is just like their babies, carving their ‘works’ constantly, improving their technique continuously and enjoying the progress of the continuous sublimation of products, which has already branded in their own lives.

With rich manufacturing experience for over 2,000 brands in 50 countries and areas, they can handle various showcase design and easily deal with wood, stone, stainless steel and glass by advanced technique.

Accurate Attention, Perfect Pursuit of Details

No matter the selection of raw materials, the fabrication process or the last step of packing, Ronrun pursues that every detail should be perfect and rigorous.

When we use a same wood like others, we will consider not only the feature, texture, strength, lines, mass, fire prevention and moisture-proof characteristics, but also the aesthetics shown by different cutting angle, the optical change matched with different color and the performance of tension in brand concept, rigorously and meticulously. Connotation sublimates brand, attitude makes essence!

Synthesis Strength of Hardware 
and Software 
in Abundant Factory

Ronrun has 20,000 m2 large factory, double qualified of Quality Management System ISO9001:2008 and Environmental Control System ISO14001:2004, which is equipped with 200,000-dust-free-omnibearing class supporting workshop and modern facilities such as shearing machines, bending machines, laser cutting machines. All raw materials of Ronrun is global sourcing, and high-quality wood from Southeast Asia, hardware accessories from Germany enhance the quality of products. In the past 20 years, Ronrun stretches across various industries such as jewelry, watches, glasses, cosmetics, clothing, bags, museums, cooperating with many top 500 brand in a long term.

Little makes great, detail determines perfection! We are ready all the time in order to offer you the most professional and systematized high-quality service!