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  • Ronrun: Using 304 Stainless Steel (1.2mm), better quality, more solid

    Stainless Steel and the use of the technology is a revolution in showcase manufacture industry. Not only they have the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance,but also they directly change the color, the touch and the whole aesthetic sense because of their smooth and fashion surfaces, making the showcase become a real art.


    Different kinds of stainless steel have different quality. Ronrun uses high-quality 1.2mm 304 stainless steel, making your showcase fashion, strong and durable! Ronrun not only is equipped with advanced stainless laser cutting technique, water cutting technique, 3D laser relief process and over-grinding 8K stainless steel technology, but also is good at special and deep process for stainless steel.


  • Full Welding and Polishing

    A showcase, the quality of dealing with the metal welding, directly influences the whole aesthetic sense and brand image! Low-quality showcase use traditional and cheap spot welding technology, not only lowering loading and strength, poor molding effects, but also causing serious hidden danger of daily maintenance and service life!

    More Strict Requirement in Details

    Ronrun put highly attention to the quality of every showcase manufacture process. Full welding process is strictly used for the joint of stainless steel parts (as welding 2 stainless steel parts without any crack), and high-precision polishing is focus on weld seam. Ronrun Showcase, every weld joint is smooth!

  • Stainless Steel Wire Drawing Process

    Ronrun has advantages in using wire drawing process on the surface of stainless steel, making matt finish stainless steel shining, highlighting the sense of fashion and technology. Straight stripes, snowflake stripes and nylon stripes can be offered by Ronrun.

    Sans Fingerprint Stainless Steel Process

    It is a process forming an ultrathin but strong maskant through nano-coating technology, which is effective in sans fingerprint, improve corrosion resistance and easily solve the problem of cleanning and ash adhibiting.

  • Stainless Steel Plating Process

    Plating, in brief, is to plate a stainless steel sheet with a layer of metal, which can be protective, anti-rust and beautified. Ronrun can offer all kinds of plating plans, such as jewelry blue, black, brown, Zirconium gold, bronzy, rose pink and light green.


    In addition, Ronrun can also do sand blasting, embossed, spraying or other different technologies according to your requirements. Ronrun, top Special Stainless Steel Technology, makes more upmarket fashion showcase for you.