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Jewelry shopping mall
Source:Ronrun    Date:Feb01,2021    Click on:1890

Location: Southeast Asia
Area: 80000
Style: modern

The project is an ultra-large jewelry shopping mall located in a bustling downtown business district in Southeast Asia. In this economic, cultural and transportation converged area, we conduct international market research, overall design, jewelry display cabinet manufacturing and decoration construction for this jewelry city. Through the design of different angles, the connotation of the brand is highlighted in the details, which increases the comfortable and beautiful experience for customers, and will bring shocking visual experiences to customers.Party A requires uniform technical standards and quality requirements to facilitate standardized management. Therefore, we have tailor-made a jewelry display cabinet that integrates international fashion trends and local cultural characteristics for Party A. All supporting facilities will be produced and processed in the Group's Ronrun display cabinet factory. At the same time, we dispatched a senior technical team consultant to shorten the construction period and secure construction under the premise of quality and quantity, and completed the project within a predetermined time.


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