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Source:Ronrun    Date:Nov06,2020    Click on:1144

Project time:2020

Project location:Xinjiang

Project area:40㎡

Project type:space design, showcase production, space decoration

Project introduction:With the improvement of living standards, people’s demand for life taste and personalization has increased. Jewelry has shifted from focusing on form and light stories to pursuing the emotion of jewelry. As a new brand with such beliefs, Mengyao Jewelry has started their career in the jewelry.

Rongrun was invited to design an atrium store planned to open by Mengyao Jewelry in 2018. This project is located in a large shopping mall in Urumqi, Xinjiang, which is a four-sided circulation atrium store. The space design presents a series of arc-shaped structures with strong flexibility and tolerance. The main color of white is matched with gold, which reminds people of the pure and bright characteristics of jewelry. For the overall space, we are thinking about how to make the logic of the layout more reasonable in the different directions of the flow of people in the mall, while having an attractive effect and improving the sales function.

The light of creativity blooms. The wonderful and colorful Mengyao jewellery with different shapes, lying on the showcase, chases the light and shadow and shows an abundant jewelry feast.

This case is designed and produced by Ronrun Showcase Master.


▼Space Design

▼Factory Production

▼Field Installation

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