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China Environmental Labelling
Source:Ronrun    Date:Aug05,2021    Click on:3829
Ronrun has been responding to the call of the national environmental protection policy for a long time, and attaches great importance to the green production theme of environmental protection and resource conservation. Rongrun obtained the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification in July 2021.

As a demonstrative type I China Environmental Labelling, it shows that the products approved to use the label are not only qualified in quality, but also meet environmental protection requirements during production, use, and disposal. Compared with similar products, it has low toxicity and less harm , Save resources and other environmental advantages. At the same time, if state agencies, institutions and organizations at all levels use fiscal funds for procurement, they should give priority to the procurement of environmentally labelled products.

As a member of society, Rongrun is obliged to fulfill its corporate responsibilities, unite with the whole people, and jointly protect the environment on which mankind depends.

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